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Avoid Disasters At Your Wedding with Red Letter Moments

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Mariel at Red Letter Moments will make sure your vision becomes tangible in an incredibly smooth, well-organized fashion that leaves guests stunned at the final reveal. Here's what she had to say about what she does:

Reuben, from the Phonix: Tell me a bit about your company’s services...what do you do exactly?

Mariel: I save weddings from disasters! You know how weddings can be really disorganized? As a planner, I work with engaged couples to avoid problems they didn’t expect; I foresee the logistics of the day and make sure things are in place ahead of time so we can prevent any hiccups. And then on the day of the wedding, I direct the execution of those plans and fix issues without the couples/guests ever knowing there was even a problem.

Reuben: What inspiration, work or life experiences led you to being a wedding and event planner?

Mariel: A few years ago I saw how disorganized a friend’s wedding was and I literally thought, “Aahh I wish I was part of the planning so this wouldn’t happen!” After that, I started helping friends and family coordinate their weddings, and in 2013 I helped plan some major events with the federal government and really enjoyed it. I then took Event Planning courses and got certified as a professional planner to get some formal training and really felt it was something I could do long-term. I still love the job because when I hear couples say, “Wow, I never even thought of that,” or, “I had no idea about that,” in a meeting, I feel like I’m helping make their special day the best it could be.

Reuben: If I were looking to hire a wedding planner for my wedding, what advice would you give me?

Mariel: Meet planners in person and go with your instinct about whether you can trust them or not, whether you get along with them well or not, whether you felt understood and heard or not, and really decide based on all that along with the quality of their work and not just their price. Think of the cost as an investment on one of the biggest days of your life and not “just another expense”, and it might help you distinguish one planner from another.

Reuben: What makes your wedding planning business unique?

Mariel: I see wedding planning as an opportunity for couples to learn to work together and to learn more about each other, and I try to encourage couples to have that mentality at every meeting. When I see couples (well, mainly the grooms) start to get too overwhelmed with the details, I remind them of their strengths and how they’re on the right track to becoming an amazing husband/wife. People tend to get so consumed in the wedding planning that they forget to enjoy the engagement phase, and I love seeing my couples get more excited about marriage than the wedding.


Reuben: What types of weddings do you enjoy working on the most?

Mariel: Ones where you can just feel sooo much love in the air - from the couple themselves to their family to their guests. I love working with couples who do care about the wedding details (and do want a pretty wedding) but seriously care more about honouring the commitment they’re entering. I also love weddings where the couple incorporates personal touches and make the effort to soak in the special (aka “red letter” wink, wink) moments of the day. Lastly, I love when couples make really nice arrangements for guests to enjoy themselves (ie: being comfortable during the ceremony, having activities during wedding party photos, time in the program for the couple to chat with guests) because the way I see it, their guests have shown up to support them, cheer them on, and celebrate them, and I love when couples acknowledge and honour that somehow!

Reuben: What are some of your strengths as a planner?

Mariel: When couples tell me they’d like something to go a certain way, I definitely look closer at how things will be executed and focus on planning out the logistical details. For instance, if someone tells me they want the program to go: Dinner, Speech, Speech, Slideshow, Speech, Father/Daughter Dance, First Dance, Cake Cutting, my mind immediately thinks about how tables will be called for food, where the speakers are sitting so I can find them easily, how we’ll get the laptop, cords, screen/projector, and file ready to be played as soon as the speech is over (because it’s always awkward when guests are watching the screen while someone is clicking on icons and opening windows and still setting the audio haha), and about how the DJ/Entertainers, MC and photographers can do their thing easily.


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