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Collaborative Wedding Planning With Best Day Ever Creative Events

Best Day Ever wedding planners, wedding entertainment vancouverWhy settle for just one wedding planner when you could have two? Chelsey and Dene of Best Day Ever Creative Events bring together years of experience in event planning, branding and design to aid you in constructing your best day ever! Not too long ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Chelsey for a brief chat about what makes Best Day Ever so unique:

Reuben: What inspiration, work or life experiences led you to wedding planning?

Chelsey: Dene and myself (Chelsey) actually have very similar backgrounds in marketing, communications and event planning. So coming from brand and a corporate event planning side of things, we thought we’d apply that to the wedding industry.

Reuben: If I were looking to hire a wedding planner for my wedding, what advice would you give me?

Chelsey: It’s always important to setup a consult, because most wedding planners will sit down with you and create a custom quote. What you see on someones website isn’t necessarily what they’re going to quote you so it’s worth sitting down and doing that consult or that call. Doing a consult is also a good idea to see if you’ll gel well with the planner. Working with a planner is quite a personal experience and your planner should be someone you could see being a friend of yours…someone that you trust and get along well with.

In terms of finding planners, I love going on social media to see what wedding planners have done in the past and what weddings they have put together. It gives you a sense of their personality. Also, people tend to be a little more candid on social media so you might get to know them a little better that way as opposed to searching through websites.

Inquire about the packages and be clear on what their responsibilities are. Figure out what you want to do and what you have time for so the planner can figure out what services you need from them.


Reuben: What makes your wedding planning business unique?

Chelsey: I think we have a unique, punchy looking brand. In terms of how we work with our clients, we are very collaborative. We always tell our clients that even though we might be formally working with them months down the road, we are their partners from when they sign that contract. If they want to shoot us an email or make a call to ask for any referrals or advice, we’re always happy to help. We try to go above and beyond the typical client/planner relationship.

Reuben: What types of weddings do you enjoy working on the most?

Chelsey: We feel like weddings are very personal to the couple so we love it when the groom and bride are equally involved in the process. When they are both engaged in the planning process, their wedding will be an extension of them; who they are as individuals and as a couple. Those are the most rewarding weddings.

Reuben: What are some of your strengths as a planner?

Chelsey: We are very good communicators and we try to be very adaptive. We try to get a sense of the couples preferred method of communication as it’s never a one-size-fits-all approach. We also have a very thorough questionnaire that we send to our day-of/month-of planning clients that also acts as a planning tool for them as well as downloading us on all the planning they have done. We also send out surveys after the wedding to get feedback from couples on how they thought the process went and if there was anything we could change. Overall we've received really good feedback so I feel like that's a sign that we're doing something right.

Reuben: What are some of your weaknesses?

Chelsey: As wedding planners and because we develop good relationships with our clients, it’s tough to say no if a request comes along that is outside the scope of services that we are expected to deliver. We may be too nice but it's because we really do care about the success of the wedding day.


Connect with Chelsey and Dene at Best Day Ever Creative Events

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