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Vancouver Jazz Trio
Wedding Instrumental Jazz Trio
Best Vancouver Wedding Jazz Trio


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Jazzy vibes that compliment your cocktail party or dinner

  • Completely flexible performance schedule
  • Drums, bass, and guitar (or piano)
  • Professional sound system for band, music, and speeches  


    "The kitchen couldn't even serve the dessert course because every single guest was up dancing!"

    ~ Alina & Joe, Newlyweds


    Filmed at a real PHONIX party:


    Our dancefloor rules:

    2. All dance styles are welcome! (Yes Dad, even yours)
    3. Dance offs are EXPECTED!
    4. Sing along, even if you don't know the words
    5. Shake yo' money maker (whatever makes you the money!!)
    6. PARTY LIKE A G6


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