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Phonix Rehearsal Studio Booking

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Membership Required to Access Facility:

Become a member before you book:

Please read our Studio Handbook, then download, sign and return our Phonix Studio Member Agreement. Then check out our Price List. After completing the Member Agreement, please email it, along with any supporting documents, to info@thephonix.ca. Once we approve your paperwork, we will send you an invitation to download the August App where you will find your Phonix Studio eKey waiting for you. Use the bluetooth eKey to access the studio during your bookings.

Please allow to 24 hours for us to approve your paperwork.

New Piano!

Please welcome our brand new Yamaha P-125 Digital keyboard with weighted keys! It's ready for you to play and comes complimentary with your booking. 

Save $Money$:

Get a reduced rate ($5/hr) when you book $72 worth of studio time in one order (ie: 12 hours of studio time in one or multiple bookings). Use coupon code "STUDIOMEMBER" at the checkout when you are paying for all your bookings at once.

General Info:

Booking start & end times:
Bookings can start on the hour or half-hour. They end 5 minutes before the hour or half-hour so as to allow for changeover. Please plan your lessons accordingly.

No washroom on-site:
The nearest washroom is located two blocks away at the Trout Lake Community Centre (3360 Victoria Dr)

You may park one vehicle on the south side of our building, against the wall. Please do not use the driveways on either side (east/west). Street parking is readily available on Semlin Dr.

No smoking of anything, anywhere:
Please respect the neighboors by refraining from smoking outside. Absolutely no smoking inside.

Keep conversations indoors:
Again, please respect the neighboors.

Keep door closed at all times:
The deadbolt on our main door automatically locks after 2 minutes. For your own safety and security, please keep the main door closed when you are not entering, exiting or welcoming others to the building.

Lock up when you leave:
When leaving, pull door closed tightly and use your smartphone to lock the door. Once the app confirms that the door is locked, try opening the door just to make sure. Call us if you're having difficulty.

Emergency contact:
If you are having trouble getting in or locking up, please call Reuben at 778-846-7382.

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