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Our Original Music

Much like the Beatles, we got our start playing other people's music. In fact, to this day, we perform a carefully curated bunch of classic RnB, Funk, Soul, Motown and Hip Hop selections and do a mighty fine job of recreating them with our heavy-hitting rhythm section, punchy 3-piece horn section and two soulful lead singers. With over 500 shows behind us, you can definitely count on us for a fun and engaging performance that will be the perfect compliment to your wedding or event and leave all your guests with fond memories of dance floor madness.

Today, on top of continuing as one of Canada's finest event bands, we write and release our own original music for our growing fan base from all over the world. We invite you to join us on our musical journey and feast your ears on some of our freshest works. Please follow us on Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music to stay up to date with our current releases.


Our Newest Release - Work It Out

Work It Out - The Phonix - Funk soul music CD

"Work It Out" is our debut EP ("EP" stands for "extended play" and is essentially a short album). It contains 4 original songs which we will be releasing individually as singles throughout the summer of 2017. The goal of this record was largely to make you dance, but also to wake your ears up to some seriously funky music. Just about every member of the band gets a moment to shine at some point. Musically, there's definitely some jazz meets funk meets soul in here. We take you on a ride from a feel good dance party ("Work It Out") over to a little love ("Ignited"), a little heartbreak ("Look Who's Cryin' Now") and finally, a little pick-me-up get moving on after a break up ("On My Own Two Feet").

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Original music by the Phonix band, Look Who's Cryin' Now


On My Own Two Feet, Original soul music by the Phonix band