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The Phonix Music Studio

Practice your instrument.

Teach your lessons.

Rehearse with your band.

ONLY $6/hr.



The Phonix Music Studio - Rehearsal space, band jam space, practice room, music lesson, teaching space in Vancouver. Open 24-7

The Phonix Music Studio - Rehearsal space, band jam space, practice room, music lesson, teaching space in Vancouver. Open 24-7

We are an unstaffed, self-serve facility that you can access anytime.
We do have some loud noise restrictions though (see below)


Just The Room


10x14 ft space
Drum Set (3 toms, snare, cymbals, throne, all hardware)
Yamaha P-125 Weighted Keyboard
Heating & A/C
CD Player
Mini Fridge
Waiting room w/ couch
Music stand x 1
Folding Chairs x 4 & Stools x 1
One parking space + ample street parking

Add the PA Sound System


Just $9 for any length of session
Behringer 1202 FX mixer
3 x Vocal Microphones
3 x xlr cables
2 x mic stands
Single line array speaker system



*Unfortunately, this location does not offer a washroom. However, there are ample coffee shops on Commercial drive and the Trout Lake community centre is only a couple blocks away. 

Steps away from the Commercial-Broadway SkyTrain station

The Phonix Studio is located in the lane between 12th and 13th Avenues in a detached unit behind the house at 1976 E 12th Ave.


Getting Here:

• From 12th Ave, turn southbound onto Semlin Dr.

• Turn right into the first lane

• Find the 2nd carport on your right, marked "1976"


Individual instrument practice rooms are almost non-existent. Affordable band practice spaces are a rarity. No spaces are open 24-7.

Introducing the Phonix Studio.

The Phonix Studio is an easily accessible (keyless entry via smartphone app), well-maintained, sound-proofed and welcoming space that is ready for you to practice your instrument in or invite your students to.

Our studio was built by an Art Institute graduate and features ample electrical outlets, acoustic tiles and triple-thick double-insulated angled walls and ceilings for optimum sound deadening and isolation. The room measures about 10ft x 14ft and is a great spot for teaching music lessons or rehearsing with a band from 2-8 people.

What Abut Noise Levels?

We are in a residential area. As such we ask that everyone please ONLY MAKE NOISE BETWEEN 9AM AND 10PM.

How do we define noise:
If you can hear what's going on inside the building from outside the building, it's noise.

If you do quieter music, like acoustic guitar, voice, stringed instruments etc, this shouldn't be a problem for you at all. It's basically amplified instruments of all sorts, but especially bass and drums that carry through the walls easily and disturb our neighbours'.

All that said, during our "Noisy" hours, it's always still a good idea to stay respectful of the fact that we are in a residential area. As a general rule, if you have to wear earplugs inside the room, you're probably being too loud for our little space and making some neighbours unhappy. Consider taking out your earplugs and playing softer, or finding a more suitable space for your noise levels.

As a final precaution, please ALWAYS KEEP BOTH STUDIO DOORS TIGHTLY SHUT when you're making sound.


"An awesome place to come 24/7. A clean and professional environment goes a long way when you need to get down to business. With an awesome hourly rate and convenient location, the Phonix studio is my go-to jam space."- Nick Gee, Singer/Songwriter


Our concept is much like that of any car-sharing network. Because you access the building with your smartphone, we don't need to staff it - it's a self-serve operation and all our members help keep the space clean and damage-free. This is how we keep the price so low. It's a concept that just makes sense and will help ease the load on your pocket book.


Booking for the first time:

1. Book and Pay
2. Complete our paperwork (1)
3. Download our keyless-entry app (2)
4. Receive an eKey (3)
5. Enjoy the studio!


(1) We'll need you to read an agree to our Studio Agreement and Handbook. Should there be any hiccups in this process (ie: You don't complete your paperwork 24 hours before your booking start time) or if you don't agree to our terms, we will gladly refund your payment and cancel your booking.

(2) We'll send you instructions to download the free app that you'll need to wirelessly access and unlock our studio door with your smartphone. Don't have a smartphone? Just call us and we'll buzz you in.

(3) We'll send you an eKey that will be specific to your phone and useable for all your future bookings. Contact us if you loose or change phones as we'll need to issue you a new key.