Get Vancouver’s live music guide so you can stop wasting time on Google

Get Vancouver’s live music guide so you can stop wasting time on Google

For music lovers who want to know where the best bands are playing

of Vancouver’s top live dance bands & venues

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The simple guide we use to find all the best Vancouver live music venues and dance bands.

Hi, we’re Jackie, Eric and Reuben!

Here’s the brutal truth about going out with friends to see live music...

It’s exhausting compiling your own list of all the live bands & venues and you’re likely to spend hours on Google just trying to figure it all out.

You just want to dance and have fun... but it’s frustrating when you’re already tired from your workday and the last thing you want is more screen time!

As Vancouverites, we’ve got busy lives and we’re working hard to keep up...

So we have less time to look for the live music we really want... music we can just let loose to and enjoy!

Some people try to ‘play it safe’ by heading to the same bar each week.

Other people just latch on to one band and follow them everywhere.

Yeah...these strategies work for some. But you are WAY too busy and maybe you don’t even have a favourite venue or band...

So what’s the alternative?


And you need a SIMPLE way to find the best live music in Vancouver, without having to waste any more of your precious time.

And what is FINALLY allowing music lovers to discover all of Vancouver’s best live music is the YVR Live Music Guide

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We have curated a guide of all the best Vancouver dance bands and the venues they play at and we’ll deliver it to your inbox right now!

So that you’ll never hear yourself saying: "I want to go dancing tonight, but I can't find a great live band?”

If you’re serious about supporting local live music and you love dressing up, going out with friends and dancing, then the YVR Live Music Guide is for you!

There’s nothing to lose, except your frustration with Google searches!

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