Welcome to the Phonix Soul Club!

Enjoy this beer on us ... 🍺

We're glad you like free beer! And we can't wait to see you at our next show...with your FREE BEER in hand.

The Phonix play at the Backstage Lounge EVERY Thursday night, so come often!

In order to get your FREE BEER, you must purchase your show ticket at this special link:

If you do not purchase your ticket using that link, you won't get a ticket that says "FREE BEER" on it...and you won't get a free beer 😩

Alright, go get your ticket(s) and we'll party with you soon!


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PS: We also sent you an email. Hold onto it for future reference in case you'd like to buy tickets with free beer in the future.

PPS: You can tell a few UBC friends about this special deal, but don't get telling the world. It's our little secret! 

PPPS: Each ticket you buy at the link above includes one free beer. There is no limit to how many tickets you can buy.