Then End Of An Era: Phonix Thursdays End April 18, 2019

the phonix band at backstage lounge
After 8 years of music, the Phonix will cease to perform Thursday nights at Backstage Lounge as of April 18, 2019. Free cover until then, every Thursday!

The Backstage Lounge Didn't Close After All

The Backstage Lounge Didn't Close After All
Just when you thought the Backstage Lounge was closing for good, it didn't. What really happened anyway?

13 Vancouver Live Music Bars And Which Bands Are Playing There (Event Calendar)

live music vancouver bars best dancing
Looking for live music in Vancouver? We've got the best list of live music bars and we've put all their shows into one simple calendar so you can find out exactly who is playing tonight, or whenever you want to go out and enjoy some dancing!