You've got a question about our party band?
We've got the answer!

  1. What's the typical duration of the party band performance?

    Our standard wedding band package provides you with 3 hours of party music with short breaks for the band. Our package can include a party DJ to perform during set breaks and after the band’s performance so you’ll end up with 4 hours of non-stop party music all night long!

  2. Do you have a list of songs we can check out?

    Yes! Here’s a list of the most requested party classics from our happy clients like yourself: Click Here!

    Can't find the perfect song? Our extensive library has plenty more options, and we're dedicated to learning a new song for every wedding couple. Share your preferred songs with us, and we'll do our best to ensure your night is unforgettable. Let us know how we can make your special evening truly exceptional.

    Check out our recent show at the 3 closing nights at the PNE: Click Here!

  3. How can I confirm my band booking for a specific date?

    Once we’ve received your signed contract or your 50% deposit, you can count on us being there to party with you like it’s 1999!

  4. Is it possible for the band to travel beyond Vancouver?

    While we're based in Vancouver, we frequently travel for performances. From weddings in Whistler, Kelowna, and Penticton to as far as Dawson's Creek, we've got you covered!

    Fun fact: If you are getting married in Victoria or on Vancouver Island, we also have the Phonix Band in Victoria, BC! Consider booking Phonix YYJ for your Island wedding and enjoy huge savings on accommodation and travel expenses!

    Check out Phonix YYJ band at Click Here!

  5. What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept all kinds of payments for booking your wedding party band. We take cash, cheque, e-transfer, credit cart (let's collect some POINTS!!!!!) and EFT.

    We just don’t take an I.O.U written on a napkin. :P

  6. Can we utilize your equipment, such as the microphone, for basic speech?

    Because nothing says 'wedding' like airing your embarrassing childhood stories for all to hear!

    Yep! We've got the mic ready to capture every cringe-worthy moment in glorious detail. Our party band package comes with a mic for your speeches and a sound system for you to play some background music.

  7. What will the party band wear for the performance?

    Check out our latest performance at the PNE: Click Here!

    Our frontline dons sophisticated purple suits and dazzling golden jumpsuits, exuding a captivating and polished presence. We aim to make you look good in a classy sort of way.

  8. In case I request a particular song you're not familiar with, would you be willing to learn it for our event?

    Certainly! This party band has been together since 2009, so we have huge collection of songs in our back pocket. But in case you manage to find one that we don’t know, we're more than happy to perform the song of your choice…. given that it’s doable in this band configuration.

  9. Does the party band quoted price includes a sound system?

    Yes, the Phonix is actually the go-to audio provider for many party bands in Vancouver. We have our own state of the art sound system that will get you dancing all night long. Our sound system can support up to 500 guests!

  10. At what time does the band kick off their performance?

    It really depends on your preference and your schedule of the night. Most often the party would get started after the speeches, which is at around 8:30 - 9PM. Following that, the band shifts into high gear, ensuring a lively party atmosphere that lasts until midnight.

  11. Is it necessary for us to provide meals for the band? What's the setup duration, and when do you usually commence setup?

    It is not compulsory for you to provide meals for us.

    However if your event runs for 3 hours or more (which means that we are at the venue for at least 5 hours including the set-up and break down time, we will truly appreciate it if our staff are provided meals.

    Trust us, well-fed performers hit all the right notes!

  12. Are travel costs and expenses included in the quoted price?

    Rest assured, travel expenses are covered in all our quotes. No need to fret about finding a place to crash for us – leave it to us to handle the logistics while you focus on hitting all the right notes in your event planning!

  13. I don’t know how to choose songs for my wedding. Can you make some song suggestions for me to walk down the aisle or while we do first dance?

    YES! We actually wrote 2 articles to help you choose the perfect songs for your wedding! Check it out:

    Perfect Bouquet Toss Song

    Best Cocktail Songs

    And, of course, here are some of the most popular wedding party songs that our clients have request the Phonix Band to perform: Click here!

  14. What are the steps on booking your band?

    Booking our band is as simple as 1-2-3:

      1. Just drop us a line with all the details of your event, and we'll let you know our availability, pricing, and any extra tidbits to help you make your grand decision.

      2. When you're ready to roll, we'll send over a nifty online event detail form. It will help us gather up all the essential info we need to draft a contract for you.

      3. Behold the wonders of technology! You'll receive the link to our client portal where you can add your e-signature and take care of the deposit right there on the page. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

  15. How do I secure the party band for my wedding?

    We require a 50% deposit or a signed contract to secure your wedding date on our party band calendar.

  16. If we change the date of our event do you charge a fee?

    We don’t charge a fee for that. In fact, we know how stressful it must be to postpone an event, let us help you make your process stress free! Let us know the new date and we’ll do our best to make it work for you! FREE OF CHARGE! Given that we are available on your new date.

  17. Can we cancel the booking?

    Yes, you can cancel anytime. Please note that the 50% deposit is non-refundable. We understand that things can happen, and how stressful it is to plan an event. We're here to help! How about consider postponing your event instead? We're happy to apply your 50% deposit to the next event. :D

  18. Can we change the service after booking? Can we add or remove a service?

    We are happy to amend a contract for you. Cost may incur when adding service or scope of service. Let us know how we can help to make this party happen the way you want it! :D

  19. Does your party band perform at same-sex weddings?

    Yes! We love weddings! Nothing brings us more joy than to celebrate love with you and your guests. We are the party band, after all! :D

  20. Does your party band perform at corporate events?

    Yes! The Phonix Band is a corporate favorite in Vancouver because of our competitive rates and energetic show that will get all your guests on the dance floor! Book us at your next company party.

  21. Can the band play during the ceremony and cocktail hour?

    Yup! Have you checked out Sax with Eric yet? Click Here!

    He is recently one of the most popular request for ceremony and cocktail live music.

    You may also be interested in Mark Hoeppner, our pianist, for his sultry piano sound at your wedding: Click Here!

  22. What kind of music do you play?

    The Phonix Band plays FUN music.

    We have a diverse set list spans from party classics to today's Top 40 hits, ensuring a night of non-stop dancing and excitement that is fun for EVERYONE at your party. From grandma to your niece who's going through a Taylor Swift phase.

    Check out our show at the PNE: Click Here!

  23. Can I choose the music that the band plays?

    Yes! But like how great restaurants don't share their recipes or let you mess around with their ingredients, we are happy to work with you to make sure we don't play music that you're "allergic" to. :D

    Do let us know if there are any songs that you really want to hear, conversely any songs you really DON’T want to hear at your wedding and we’ll put together an amazing song list that will be enjoyable for everyone at the event.

  24. How long does the party band play for?

    Our standard set is 3 hour with short breaks in between. But we can also throw in an hour of solo saxophone at your cocktail party FREE OF CHARGE, and an hour of DJ experience to wrap up your night! Check out our package here: Click Here!

  25. Does the band play during dinner?

    If you want us to play during dinner, we’ll play during dinner! 😀

    But, why waste a perfectly awesome party band on soft dinner music when we give you a free hour of solo saxophone performance in our package! Have you checked out Sax with Eric yet? Click Here!

  26. Can the band DJ during breaks?

    Yup! Our awesome DJ will play your cocktail, band set breaks and after the band performs. With the Phonix band doing your wedding, you’ll have a full night of non-stop music at your party.

  27. Can the band play continuous music?

    Yes! We don’t want to make the musicians pass out on stage from playing too long, but we can definitely give you a longer show without breaks. Let us know what you have in mind!

  28. Can the band stay late?

    Yes! Band usually plays until midnight, but if your party goes beyond midnight we can always accommodate, cost may incur in some cases. By the way, did you know that we throw in a DJ for all our party band packages so you get a late night party experience… all night long?

  29. What instruments do you recommend at my wedding?

    We highly recommend a solo saxophone, solo guitar, or solo piano at your wedding ceremony.

    Something nice and light and romantic to set the mood. For the cocktail, how about a jazz trio with piano bass and drums to get everyone in the mood for the party.

    And, of course, the Phonix Band (9 piece) comes with 2 saxophones, 1 trumpets, 2 vocalists, guitar, bass, keyboard and drums, to get you dancing all through the night!

  30. Can you MC my event?

    Yes! We have amazing Emcees on our roster! Our DJ is also fun and charismatic on the mic.

  31. Can I see the band perform before booking?

    The Phonix Band rarely performs public shows any more… we mainly do corporate events and private parties like the one you're planning right now!

    Unlike bands that are still trying to showcase their performances at pubs in hope of people noticing them, we’re have established ourselves as the go to party band in Vancouver for corporate events and weddings.

    That being said, you might catch us guest performing at a local wedding show and music festivals. Follow us on instagram to find out more: Click Here!

    We also perform at the PNE in Vancouver every year. Have you checked out our latest PNE performance yet? Click Here!

  32. When will you contact me for day-of details?

    We will check in with you about 2 month before your wedding to see how you’re doing, and then 2 weeks before your party to confirm the final details.

  33. How much do I pay and when?

    There’s a 50% deposit at the time of signing to secure the Phonix Band for your event.

  34. What does the band need on the night?

    Our band just needs just a few essentials:

    A hearty meal to fuel our musical magic, reliable electrical power to keep the amps buzzing, and a cozy spot under cover on a flat, sturdy, dry surface.

    No need to roll out the red carpet—we're perfectly happy grooving without a stage!

  35. Can the band play outside?

    Absolutely, we can put the band anywhere we want, but it's crucial that the band is sheltered and placed on a level, dry surface.

    Instruments and water are like oil and water—they just don't mix! Plus, excessive heat can wreak havoc on our beloved instruments. We'd hate for them to go out of tune or suffer any damage.

  36. What stage size do I need for the band?

    The band as performed on huge stage (music festivals for 3000 people) and mini stage (bar stage for 100 people) and we love the vibes of BOTH! We’re flexible and are happy to work with you to create the best performance experience.

    Check out our stage plot to find out what we’re most comfortable with:

    Click Here!