WEDDING ORGANIZING: Get Help To Complete Your Wedding To-Do List With Alex & Lily Home

Alex & Lily Home, vancouver wedding planning, bands for weddings, wedding reception musicAllie Cooper founded Alex & Lily Home, a very unique business offering expert skills in planning and organizing. Their services can help you prepare your home for a private party, de-clutter the garage and even update your kitchen, but we were curious about their "wedding concierge" services, so we popped Allie a few questions...

Reuben, from the Phonix: Tell me a bit about your company’s services...what do you do exactly?

Allie: Alex & Lily add knowledge and support to help complete the “TO DO list” of your wedding. There are many events, details and decisions involved in planning a wedding and Alex & Lily are here to help clients with their registries, plan the rehearsal dinner and arrange out-of-towners’ events or activities. We also aid in shopping errands like gifts for family of the bridal party.

Reuben: What inspiration, work or life experiences led you to being a wedding concierge?

Allie: The inspiration came one day when I was helping a friend register for her wedding. My friend trusted me, not only because we are friends, but because she knew that I have a careful eye for detail, a background in interior design, and am always honest. Realizing that not all couples like to go shopping or have the time or energy to plan a rehearsal dinner, for example, is the exact space where Alex & Lily can help clients complete all the tasks involved in their wedding.

Reuben: If I were looking to hire a wedding concierge for my wedding, what advice would you give me?

Allie: Even if you have a wedding planner, or ESPECIALLY if you have a wedding planner, the main focus is on the actually wedding day. The extracurricular activities and shopping are necessary tasks, but not the main event. It is fair to have a busy schedule and to not be as enthusiastic as your great aunt wants you to be about planning your wedding. So if you are the type of person who want experts to take the reins and deliver your needs, Alex & Lily will fill in the gaps not included in the big day to assist your personal TO DO list, while simultaneously helping the wedding planner focus on their main priority.

Reuben: What makes your wedding concierge business unique?

Allie: Besides a personal assistant, there is no one else out there who is offering assistance with wedding related events and activities that can work alongside an existing wedding planning. There is no one else who has the variety of experience with the passion and excitement to help clients make the most of their wedding to do lists.

Reuben: What types of weddings do you enjoy working on the most?

Allie: Personally, I love outdoor weddings. I love something with a beautiful scenery where nature can add to the already beautiful moment that is happening. An outdoor wedding also allows an open venue to add any kind of traditional wedding or family traditions, as well as personal touches.
It is so important for a couple to be able to add their own flair and something that they identify with. It is their day, and even if it is a popular venue, each and every wedding should look different by catering it to the couple.

Reuben: What are some of your strengths as a concierge?

Allie: I am very enthusiastic, organized and passionate. I listen to people and their needs and strive to find that perfect gift or venue that will make their eyes sparkle. My background is quite varied (Anthropology, Interior Design, Business Management, event planning), and so I have a dynamic framework that I rely on to read people and their personal tastes. I love to shop, but I am better at helping people find exactly what they are looking for- usually faster than they do!


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