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Wedding first dance Bonnie McMahaon, Fantasy Dances, Dance lessons for brides and grooms, wedding dancesWith Fantasy Dances in town, there is no need to fear the first dance at your wedding! Bonnie McMahon has years of dance experience and she's got you covered. Today we bring you a feature on her so as to add some options to your first dance decisions:

Reuben, from the Phonix: Tell me a bit about your services...what do you do exactly?

Bonnie: I offer various wedding dance packages to betrothed couples, which include a free 1/2 hour consultation to review the dance questionnaire I ask them to fill out and obtain a sense of what they envision for their first dance. Following which, I either choreograph a routine to their chosen song, or teach them basics of the rhythm of their song, depending upon what they feel most comfortable doing. During those sessions they also learn deportment/posture, frame, footwork, musicality, entrances and exits. Rhythms could be foxtrot, salsa, rhumba, waltz, swing beats. I also teach father/ daughter dances. Sessions can be one hour or 1.5 hours at a time, in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Reuben: What inspiration, work or life experiences led you to being a wedding and event planner?

Bonnie: My mother's professional dance career inspired me to follow in her footsteps, especially her love of dance, which I like to share with others. I obtained a reputation of high standard within the dance community during my amateur career and after I turned professional, people sought me out to teach them how to dance. Teaching wedding couples their first dance started as a sideline to teaching private lessons and classes, but steadily grew to where it is today with my business with soiree lounge.

Reuben: If I were looking to hire a dance instructor for my wedding, what advice would you give me?

Bonnie: Make several inquiries of local professionals and their services before choosing one that you feel comfortable with, and who will listen to your ideas. Ensure the teacher understands that it's your day and your song is important to you, and how you would like your dance to look. Question what exactly is included in a wedding package for the quoted price, as they vary.

Reuben: What makes your services unique?

Bonnie: High quality successfully finished products completed within the timelines. Personable and friendly manner. Lots of patience and enthusiasm. Variety of accommodating venues within the city. "wow" factor is matching lovely & unique choreography to each couples' chosen wedding dance song.


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