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Wedding Story vancouver wedding photography and make-up

Wedding Story

Wedding Story is known internationally, and their team is constructed of only the best in each field. They offer Vancouver’s top-notch wedding photography, an extraordinary make-up and hair services, as well as elegant wedding attire and leading bridal coordination. Today the Phonix got the opportunity to interview their manager Leeah Park to get the inside scoop on what Wedding Story has to offer.

Tel: 604-936-2140


Eric from Phonix: What is your role? And what inspiration, work or life experiences led you to your role?

Leeah: WEDDING STORY is one stop total wedding service company specializing PHOTOGRAPHY MAKEUP & HAIR DRESS & TUXEDO RENTAL PLANNING. A lot of my friends had difficulty with finding each vendors without wedding planner who are used to hearing about one stop wedding services in Korean and other Asia. It was very common to have one stop total wedding services in Asia.


Phonix: If I was looking for a one-stop-shop for my wedding, what advice would you give me?

Leeah: What kind of wedding do you dream about and what are the three most important things of your wedding?


Phonix: What makes your service unique from other wedding photographers, make-up artists and wedding one-stop-shop?

Leeah: Our professional team makes stress free during whole process.


Phonix: What types of weddings do you enjoy working on the most?

Leeah:Love working with other good vendors in wedding industry.


Phonix: What are some of your strengths as a Catering Sales Executive?

Leeah: Being able to handle any emergency situation well with long and many experience.



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