WEDDING VENUE: Riverway Golf Course Clubhouse

Brad Binkley riverway golfcourse clubhouse

Riverway Golf Course Clubhouse

The Riverway Golf Course Clubhouse has long been recognized as one of the most beautiful and classy event venues in Vancouver. Not only do they offer a one of a kind event space complete with rustic designs and high ceiling, they also have one of the best food and beverage services out there! Today the Phonix got the opportunity to interview their manager Brad Binkley to get the inside scoop on what Riverway has to offer.

Tel: 604-297-4883


Eric from Phonix: What is your role? And what inspiration, work or life experiences led you to your role?

Brad: I am the event coordinator here at the Riverway Clubhouse. I really have always found myself drawn to events ( especially weddings ) purely for the fun & positive energy of them. A decade ago I had started working at the Westin Grand In downtown Vancouver working as a housekeeper. I would see galas & weddings taking place in the hotel ballrooms all the time. I remember just really wanting to be doing that instead. Finally a spot opened up in the banquets department for a server, I got the job and the rest has been history.

With weddings, I am fortunate to work with couples in helping to create and bring to life one of their most important days of their lives to reality. I appreciate being part of their special day and when I connect with our couples after their wedding day and hear how happy they are, really drives and inspires me.


Phonix: If I was looking for a venue for my wedding, what advice would you give me?

Brad: One big thing I would recommend to couples when looking for a venue is to not only of course fall in love with the building, décor & view of the wedding venue but it is also important to like the “feel” or atmosphere of the space as well. It might sound a bit cliché but even take the time to watch how the venue’s staff interact with other guests or other staff members. The venue team members would be there assisting you and your guests on your wedding day so you want a place where the team not only are professional but also are portraying a happy and positive atmosphere!


Phonix: What makes your venue unique from other venues?

Brad: The attention to detail, personalized service and a gourmet menu are the benchmarks for every event at the Riverway Clubhouse.

Riverway is fortunate to be located centrally in Metro Vancouver. Regardless, where you are coming from in the lower mainland our location in South Burnaby makes it convenient for our couples and their guests. We are only a 10 minute drive from busy Metrotown but when you are here overlooking the pond and the lush green setting you forget your in the city as its such a calm and tranquil place. 

Riverway Clubhouse has architecturally stunning wood-beams with floor-to-ceiling windows with a real “west coast” vibe which doesn’t need a lot of decorating to really make the venue come to life for our couple’s special day.


Phonix: What types of weddings do you enjoy working on the most?

I have worked on so many weddings over the years and while I honestly do enjoy all weddings, for me personally, the most fun ones are the weddings where the couple hires live musicians. It’s really hard to not have a good time when there is band playing live music during a wedding.


Phonix: What are some of your strengths as an Event Coordinator?

Brad: I like to think that some of my biggest strengths as an event coordinator is being able to communicate clearly and concisely with my couples either in person or through email. Even though we host many weddings each year, I strive to ensure every one of our couples feel like they are they only wedding and that the focus is on them and their special day.

I’m also very organized. When planning for a wedding a year or more in advance, there are many emails and notes that go back and forth. To make sure a wedding is smooth & successful, you have to be organized so that you are ready for the big day.



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