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Joachim Nidua Westin Bayshore

Westin Bayshore Hotel

The Westin Bayshore Hotel is committed to bringing your vision of the perfect wedding day to life flawlessly. We take the time to understand your unique needs so that we can shower you with intuitive service, thoughtful touches and enriching experiences at our vibrant venues. We anticipate your every need so you can enjoy each moment to the fullest! Today the Phonix got the opportunity to interview their manager Joachim Nidua to get the inside scoop on what the Westin Bayshore has to offer.

Tel: 604.250.3731


Eric from Phonix: What is your role? And what inspiration, work or life experiences led you to your role?

Joachim: I help couples find a setting to celebrate their Love. I’m a hopeless romantic at heart and in practice. I’m literally walking along the beach, watching the sunset and about to board a hot air balloon in a moment.


Phonix: If I was looking for a venue for my wedding, what advice would you give me?

Joachim: Listen to your heart and don’t forget to have fun. You’re planning a celebration of Love! Celebrations are supposed to be fun and make you feel good.


Phonix: What makes your venue unique from other venues?

Joachim: We are Downtown Vancouver’s only resort style hotel located on the water, steps away from Stanley Park and feature breathtaking views of Coal Harbour and the North Shore Mountains.


Phonix: What types of weddings do you enjoy working on the most?

Like my children, I can’t choose any favorites. They’re all uniquely enjoyable on their own.


Phonix: What are some of your strengths as a Catering Sales Executive?

Joachim: I’m very easy and enjoyable to work with. You can always reach me at any time day or night and I always reply right away.



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