WEDDING PLANNER: Your Wedding Planner Is Your Friend at Glass Slipper Event Planning

Glass Slipper Event Planning, Stephanie Mosher. Bands for weddings, vancouver wedding musicStephanie Mosher of Glass Slipper Event Planning brings a ton of experience to the table for her wedding and event planning business. She sat down with Reuben from the Phonix Band for a short interview and here's what she had to say...

Reuben, from the Phonix: What inspiration, work or life experiences led you to wedding planning?

Stephanie: I've always loved weddings! When I had my wedding, I worked closely with my decorator who owned her own business. Shortly after my wedding, I asked if I could help out at her future events because I wanted to become a wedding planner. Through working with her and her team, I gained such valuable experience. They appreciated my input on planning aspects of their events. While working with them, I took event management courses at BCIT and became certified by the Wedding Planning Institute of Canada. After working with them for about a year, they started referring me to their clients and I was able to build up a client base and the rest is history. I now also work in a non-profit, organizing their events.

Reuben: If I was looking to hire a wedding planner for my wedding, what advice would you give me?

Stephanie: Do your research. Go and look at many planners’ websites and at their reviews and see what people have to say. Also check out their blog or photo gallery to see the types of events they have done and what experience they have. Once you find a few you like, I would definitely meet with them for a consultation.

Also think about what you need for your wedding. Do you need someone to do it all for you or are you someone who likes to be really hands-on and you just need someone to help you execute? If you are a little ‘type a’, like I am, then look for someone who can execute. I would say that month-of or day-of coordination is definitely the most common.

Know the price, but also know what is included in that price. Do they have an assistant? Are they setting up your decor? What within that decor is being setup? How many meetings does it include? Are they helping you put together a timeline? Are they interacting with your vendors? What level of interaction will they have with your vendors?

Even from a first meeting, you can tell if someone is taking your personality or style into consideration and thinking about what is actually going to work best for you versus just trying to sell you something. I want my clients to know that at the end of it, we could go have a glass of wine together and actually have a relationship because there’s a trust there, but also a level of fun in getting to know each other.

Reuben: What makes your wedding planning business unique from other planners?

Stephanie: I am genuinely interested in my clients. In the consultation I ask my clients how they met and what they like about each other…it’s very “Dr. Phil” [laughs]. I want to know about how they got engaged and all the stories that make them unique as a couple so that I can incorporate that into their day. I think that is what is really unique about me. I’m really truly passionate about what I do and about making it so that the day is totally about them so that they have those really magical moments between them versus those really cookie cutter weddings that you see a lot.

Reuben: What types of weddings do you enjoy working on the most?

Stephanie: My favourite wedding is a backyard wedding. I think a bride is the most relaxed and comfortable at a small intimate wedding that is 50-60 people in their mom and dad’s back yard under a tent. It’s just so laid back with much less to worry about. Smaller weddings also give couples the chance to really interact with their guests and for the wedding to really be about them while still having an awesome party.

Reuben: What are some of your strengths as a planner?

Stephanie: I’m organized and I have a really good eye for detail. I have a lot of passion for what I do and I think that really comes through when couples work with me. I think I bring a lot of creativity and the ability to think well on my feet in any situation. My background with non-profit events makes troubleshooting easy as I'm used to dealing with situations that come up unexpectedly.


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